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We interviewed Mr Tang Chong Meng, one of our Super Senior volunteers at Cornerstone Senior Centre (CSC) who is turning 75 years old next year but is still actively pursuing his dreams and passions.

Please tell us more about yourself.
Hi everyone, I’m Tang Chong Meng, a grandfather of two. I am Chinese educated and used to work in the building construction sector and as a hawker selling wanton mee at staff canteen during my younger days.

Why did you join CSC?
2 years ago, I went to see the doctor due to pain in my knee and was recommended to join CSC located at Ang Mo Kio.

What has changed after joining CSC?
My knee and health condition has improved a lot after taking part in the exercise programmes to strengthen my body at the centre. I used to have difficulty in climbing the stairs, but not any more. I also joined the Super Senior programme as a volunteer at CSC. This programme is an initiative with Council for Third Age where volunteers aged 50 and above join to serve the other seniors at the centre in various areas. I am volunteering as a fitness assistant to take blood pressure for other seniors and their attendances before they do their exercises in the morning.

Besides that, I have also acquired new skills and developed friendships with other seniors through the workshops and activities organised by CSC.  

What keep you busy and going despite turning 75 years old next year?
I have many hobbies that include reading books; writing & publishing Chinese essays online; playing basketball and learning new things etc. I have also developed interest in painting and arts recently through attending many interesting workshops at CSC.

Life can be fulfilling even though I have retired. My dream is to write and publish my own book (in Chinese) on my daily life in Singapore someday.

For more information on the Super Senior programme at Cornerstone Senior Centre, visit

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