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3 Couples

3 Marriages

In collaboration with YOMO, we featured 3 couples (in their 30s, 40s and 70s) on how they make their marriage work.

Outline of Video:

  • Introduction of the 3 couples

  • How did the couples meet?

  • Do the couples still hold hands?

  • What are the perks of marriage?

  • What is needed to make marriage work?

  • How has marriage changed them?

  • What are the things they look forward to with their partner?

  • Any advice for others?

View the video here.

Cornerstone Community Services also conducts marriage preparation programme for couples who are planning to get married or have been married for less than 2 years. This workshop will help couples to understand marital issues and be mentally and emotionally prepared for life together as husband and wife.


For couples married more than 2 years, look out for our marriage enrichment webinars coming up in August and September 2022.


For more information, visit

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