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We have different financial assistance initiatives below to help needy families, students and individuals. These initiatives provide some form of financial support to the beneficiaries for a period of time as they cope with the increasing cost of living and navigate through their challenges in life.


Food Care Programme provides food and daily necessities to households with financial difficulties through our befriending volunteers. Every month, our volunteers will visit these needy families or individuals to send groceries and offer additional social and emotional support to them.


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The Cornerstone Development Initiatives (CDI) School Allowance* is a financial assistance scheme developed to give every child an opportunity to complete their foundational education despite their family circumstances. It is offered to Primary and Secondary students from low income families.


The CDI School Allowance 2024 application is now closed.


The Cornerstone Development Initiatives (CDI) Redeemed* is a transport allowance scheme (for 3 months) aims at helping ex-offenders integrate back into society as they embark on a new job upon release. This scheme is applicable to ex-offenders who have secured employment and application can only be made by their employer.


* Subject to application criteria

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“I was in the midst of a divorce. It was a very depressing and stressful period for me as I had to work and take care of my children. CCS supported me through their Befriending Programme during this toughest season of my life. I had a befriender who came alongside me to provide advice, counsel and the emotional support I needed.

The Cornerstone Development Initiatives School Allowance helped to pay for my children's educational expenses. My eldest


daughter also enrolled in the Mentoring Programme, and it was a great help to her as she found a mature and wise mentor to walk her through the emotional turmoil caused by my divorce. I saw tremendous change in my eldest daughter as she became more confident and found direction in her life. I am really grateful to CCS for being there for my whole family.”


- Mdm Rose*

single mother with two daughters

(*Name has been changed

to protect the privacy

of the beneficiary)

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