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Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.

You can access our family education resources here. They comprise a series of videos and articles on family life, parenting, marriage, youths and seniors related topics. These resources are specially developed and contributed by professionals and subject experts with the purpose of building healthy family system.

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[Family 365 Webinar]

Stress Management at Home

Join Calvin Ang, Head of Programmes of Cornerstone Community Services, as he shares on the topic of Stress Management at Home during this Covid-19 season. Understand feelings and reactions of stress associated with Covid-19. Learn 2 key strategies to manage and cope with these feelings of stress and learn how to make a Stress Management Plan. This webinar is a part of a series of talks and activities organised by Families for Life.


[Family 365 Webinar]

Covid-19 Dealing with Stress and Loss

Covid-19 has disrupted the world causing the deaths of thousands of people and crashing the economies of many countries. Jean Tay, a registered counsellor, gives a talk on how to recognize as well as deal with the resulting stress and loss arising from disruption.


Five Cs to Family Life

Strengthen your family relationship with the principles of 5Cs. Building and maintaining a positive relationship within the family is no easy feat, especially during this COVID-19 season! Family is like a puzzle, they come in all shapes and sizes and having to fit them together requires patience and skills. We hope this video is helpful to build positive relationships at home.


Making Marriage Work – Personality & Danger Signs

A group of PREP® (Prevention and Relationship Education Programme) trainers shared on how they make their marriage work through a series of four short candid video interviews shot by The first video will feature on how their personalities have impacted their marriage.


Making Marriage Work - Expectations

This is final video featuring our PREP® (Prevention and Relationship Education Programme) trainers who shared on how they make their marriage work.


[Money and Marriage Series] How to Covid-Proof your First Home

Calling all couples who are planning to get married and buying your marital house, this webinar will enable participants to create their own checklist and gain insightful information such as financial affordability, housing policies and property features etc.


Making Marriage Work - Fun & Friendship

This is the second video featuring our PREP® (Prevention and Relationship Education Programme) trainers who shared on the importance of fun and friendship in a marriage, which is the key to growing and strengthening a couple relationship.


3 Couples, 3 Marriages

In collaboration with YOMO, we interviewed 3 couples on how they make their marriage work.


Strengthening your Marriage in the midst of Covid19

Marriage is often portrayed as life "happily ever after". But it takes trials to show up the cracks beneath the surface. Join our marriage trainer, Calvin Ang, as he shares two important objectives that will strengthen your marriage.


Making Marriage Work - Forgiveness

This is the third video about forgiveness featuring our PREP® (Prevention and Relationship Education Programme) trainers who shared on how they make their marriage work. Learn how to explore and communicate expectations with your spouse constructively. Strategies to reduce the negative impact of anger and stress on relationships are also included.


[Money and Marriage Series] Financial Planning for Couples

In this webinar, participants will learn the importance of why and what they need to know on making sound money management decisions as a couple. Learn how to build a stronger marriage by avoiding the financial pitfalls of divorce. This webinar is conducted by Mr Too Lee Soong, a trainer with 21 years of experience with GIC in Singapore, New York and London offices.


[Dinner Time Series] Discipline Part 1 & 2

Our topic for "Dinner Time" series this week is on Discipline. This series feature two families coming together with their kids and our volunteer moderator to talk about topics related to parenting and family life. View the series in 2 parts below.


[Dinner Time Series]
Tuition and Enrichment Classes

Welcome back to our "Dinner Time" video series. This week's topic is on "Tuition & Enrichment Classes"
Part 1- Hearing from the Parents' Perspectives
Part 2 - Hearing from Children's Perspectives.
Part 3 - Finding a Common Ground


[Dinner Time Series] Different Parenting Styles

Our last topic for "Dinner Time" series is on different parenting styles. Hear from two families as they share their parenting styles with our moderator.


[Family 365 Webinar] Grandparenting - What You Need to Know

Grandparents are a treasure in the family. With family structures becoming smaller and both parents working, grandparents play a very important role in supporting their adult children in raising their young. Besides providing the extended support system, grandparents also provide their grandchildren with valuable lessons and memories. But is caring for your grandchildren a question of repeating what you did when you raised your children? Join Ms Lew Mi Yih, Executive Director of Cornerstone Community Services, as we answer this and other fundamental questions.


[Family 365 Webinar] Disciplining Children Positively during Covid-19

What is the difference between negative and positive discipline? Watch Esther Lai, Family Life Educator and Parenting Coach, as she teaches us on what Positive Discipline is and how this can be important in raising up children with valuable social and life skills for good character building.

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