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Our story


Family units form the backbone of society and we believe in empowering them to become the strong pillars through our financial, social and emotional support.

Our goal is to equip each member from young aspiring couples to well-experienced grandparents with practical life-skills and knowledge.


For this reason, our works centre on providing family life education; financial assistance; befriending and support services, counselling and case management. We also run a senior centre and a few snack and thrift shops in the community to cater to various groups of people from all walks of life.


Cornerstone Community Services (UENS96SS0151G) is registered under the Charities Act since 11 June 1997 and is a full member of the National Council of Social Services since 15 September 2003.


We are also recognised as an Institutions of Public Character (IPCs) since 2003. We take the responsibility to ensure that we are recognised and supported by the Singapore government, and that we stay accountable to our donors and volunteers.


Our organisation relies heavily on volunteerism and charity support from the public.

We believe in continuous improvement in our programmes and services to serve our community better. 

our story
our impact
Throwback 2021

CDI School Allowance

$136,400 was awarded to 218 students from 105 schools

Family Support

45 case management and counselling services

Food Care Programme

$34,610 worth of food and daily necessities were given to the needy families and individuals

Cornerstone Care Project

Senior volunteers from the sewing interest group and crafts team handmade 400 pouches and 400 beaded keychains for our healthcare frontline workers. The seniors at the centre also wrote cards of encouragement and gratitude for them.

Cornerstone Senior Centre

611 senior members
Average daily attendance
(for on-site and online): 39 seniors
53 programmes with 1,098 senior participants

Partner 31 external partners and social agencies

Family Life Education

12 online workshops & webinars,

83 couples and 138 individuals attended

Featured on CNA938 (radio) in
February on marriage

Befriending & Support

428 hours of outreach
Total 35 beneficiaries comprising:
4 seniors, 21 youths, 10 caregivers

Pop Up Barn (Thrift Shop)

2 sessions islandwide
Beneficiaries: 100 migrant workers and 20 individuals from low-income families

Also partnered with Gladiolus Place, a residential refuge for teenage girls to bless them with over $400 worth of Barn and CornerStore items.

Migrant Outreach

  • 6 carnivals over 9 days at Penjuru and Terusan Recreation Centre for over 15,700 migrant workers.

  • 2 badminton tournaments for 50 migrant workers at Terusan Recreation Centre.

  • Weekly wellness programmes for 377 migrant workers at Penjuru Recreation Centre.

781 Volunteers mobilized

  • Regular Volunteers: 287 individuals

  • Event/Ad Hoc Volunteers: 494 individuals supported 17 events (11 on-site & 6 online events)

  • Conducted 4 training sessions to 635 volunteers


Featured by ChariTrees at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade in November and December as a form of recognition for our contribution towards the betterment of the underserved in our society.

our team

Our team

We are a nimble team comprising 12 full-time staff with various responsibilities ranging from case management, operations, administration, events management, finance, design and media, marketing and communications. Some of our staff also take on multiple roles as workshop trainers and counsellors.

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