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 SuperSeniors   Volunteer & Serve   in Community 

“这个活动还有位吗?” “Do you still have slots for this activity?” This might be the most commonly asked question by our seniors at Cornerstone Senior Centre in 2022. It is a relief and joy to see how active and enthusiastic the seniors are in participating activities even when COVID-19 is still here to stay. Besides participating, we also have a growing group of seniors who volunteer regularly to serve the other seniors and community, and we call them the SuperSeniors!

Volunteering help seniors to set goals, stay active and gives them a sense of purpose. We have a calligraphy interest group where the seniors have been attending and learning for about a year. A volunteer opportunity arose at our annual Family Learning Carnival last year and we encouraged the seniors to participate. Some were quick to respond readily while some were apprehensive.

On the actual day of the carnival, many of them turned up as volunteers where they help to calligraph the surname or a word of blessing for the family participants and frame it up for them. Their calligraphy service was so popular that a long queue was formed at their booth. Some families even brought down their personal belongings for the seniors to calligraph on. At the end of the carnival, there was such a sense of joy, pride and satisfaction from the senior volunteers as they were able to apply their skills and talents gained from the calligraphy class to this event.

Cornerstone Senior Centre is a place for seniors to gather as a community; grow in skills and health; and serve in the community. The above is just one example of how our seniors can contribute back to society. Despite their age, we believe there are so much more that our seniors can accomplish and serve with the right opportunity, some encouragement, and a conducive environment.


We are looking for suitable senior volunteers aged 50 and above to serve the seniors at Cornerstone Senior Centre in various areas. Volunteer hours are flexible with a minimum commitment of three hours per week. Email to find out more.

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