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School Allowance Scheme Revised to Respond to Rising Cost of Living

Do you know that Cornerstone Community Services (CCS) has a financial assistance scheme to help primary and secondary students?

The Cornerstone Development Initiatives (CDI) School Allowance is developed in 2008 to give every child an opportunity to complete their foundational education despite their family circumstances. Families whose household gross income is less than $2,500 or $500 per capita can apply for this scheme for their child. Since its inception, more than 2,300 students from over 100 schools island-wide have benefitted from it.

Under the CDI initiative, primary and secondary students get a monthly allowance of $50 and $70 respectively for 10 months. However, with effect from this year,

CCS has revised the monthly disbursement amount to $60 (for a primary student) and $80 (for a secondary student) till end of the year to help the students and their families cope with the increasing cost of living.

Application for CDI School Allowance 2023 opens from January till June 2023. Successful applicants who apply during this period will receive the monthly allowance from the month of approval till December 2023.


CCS also provides other support avenues for families who need the additional assistance through their Food Care programme, Youth Mentoring programme, Family Life workshops & resources. To find out more, visit

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