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Note from The Chairman

Despite the continued restrictions we had faced in 2021, we were able to reach out to many different groups in our community through creative initiatives and activities. We adapted and adjusted along the way, adhering to the constant change.

Although it was a tough and challenging year, we are ever grateful to our volunteers and donors who have shown us their unwavering support so that we may continue to do what we do. We were able to offer much needed assistance and most importantly, to impact the lives around us.

The German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche said it most eloquently with his often-quoted statement, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

Over the last 24 months, there were stresses and seasons of loneliness or alienation for some, possibly trauma for a few. Our desire has been to assist with positive changes with our programmes. The great rejoicing for us is to witness the benefits to each of our beneficiaries, as well as our volunteers.

How do we allow for the experience of a positive change to take place? It is to have a renewed appreciation for life and envisioning new possibilities for ourselves. We can engage with increased strength, and the outcome is to enjoy greater satisfaction and to be fulfilled in our relationships.  

In this edition of Grooves, we have featured some inspiring stories of individuals who will share their experiences while volunteering with their family members and loved ones. These are the shared moments of joys and smiles brought to the faces and lives of the seniors and migrant workers at various events in 2021.

You will also pick up useful tips on family life matters with related topics like “How to build a stronger marriage and family” and notes on improving relationships with your children. We have also included an article for the caregivers as well, a heartfelt contribution by one of our participants who attended our “Journey of Life – Preparing to say Goodbye” webinar last September.

My team of staff at Cornerstone Community Services has been heartened and encouraged by these many on-the-ground good reports and testimonials. By sharing our joy with you, we know that our good works have not been in vain.

2022 will be a new year filled with much expectancy and hope that life will slowly resume to some normalcy or getting on track to the new normal. As we embrace this year, let us remember that we are part of a community where everyone is a unique individual, and each has a purpose to fulfil, each role is important to help improve the society which we live in. 

I like to invite you to join us on this mission, to bring hope and positive transformation to the people around us as you catch the summary of our 2021 initiatives and the impact it made.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Daphne Yang

Chairman, Cornerstone Community Services

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