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The Barn @ Katong moved!

By Eunice Lai


Do you know the Barn was first opened in March 2013 at the Odeon Katong, #01-19? Subsequently, it was moved to #01-14/15 in 2018 and #01-11/12 in August 2021.

The Barn has always been a place for donors to give their items away for a good cause. Besides providing affordable and quality secondhand items to foreign workers and locals alike, it has also become a favourite spot for people from all walks of life – students, working adults, retirees, hobbyists, and collectors to shop for great buys.  

We recently asked some people what they think of the new location for The Barn:

​“The new location showcases a better selection of items. Shopping at The Barn not only helps me to be thrifty but has encouraged me to recycle and upcycle all reusable items. The Barn is definitely in line with the Government’s initiative towards the Green Movement. Good Job to the team at The Barn! Please continue your good initiative, green steps forward!”

– Ling, Customer since 2017

​“The shop is now more focused on quality rather than quantity. The Barn is my happy place, happy space and happy hour. I always look forward to volunteering as I can support and play a small part in the organisation's vision. I’ve also learnt so much through volunteering. First is humility, second is patience and third is love. I’m thankful to all who have given me a chance to be part of the team. Thank you so much!”


- Pauline, Volunteer since 2019

“I’m glad The Barn never left Odeon Katong, so the move to a few units away is a small difference that continues to give the same spark in the neighbourhood and serves the community. While chatting with fellow patrons when I was in the shop, it was no surprise that many were regulars. I guess many of them continue to find the same joy in finding gems hidden in unassuming racks – it’s not just clothing, but stumbling upon items like a vintage tea set, and even polaroid cameras! Maybe it’s like fishing, you don’t know what catch you might get for the day!”


– Wei Ting, Donor since 2016

We are always on the lookout for shop volunteers, donors and supporters to join The Barn in its efforts to reach out and help the underprivileged community by making consumer goods available to them at affordable prices. For more information and volunteering opportunities, visit

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