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Tending to the multiple needs of older adults is often a stressful and challenging journey for caregivers. This is even more so towards the end of life of the seniors as their health conditions worsen. At this stage, caregivers often find themselves not only having to manage the care of their loved ones, but also dealing with the grief and pain of losing them (be it gradually or rapidly), as they witness their decline.

Against this backdrop, this zoom webinar will present the variety of symptoms and manifestations of grief reactions, as well as promote

understanding of the grieving process. in addition, the session will offer practical tips and strategies to caregivers to enable them to cope more effectively, as they navigate this difficult process of loss.

Speaker's Profile

Dr Helen Ko is an Associate Professor with the Singapore University of Social Sciences, teaching courses in the Master and PhD in Gerontology and Master of Counselling Programmes. She is concurrently Executive Director of Beyond Age, a training consultancy with deep expertise on ageing issues.


For the last 30 years, Prof Ko pioneered the development of several programmes for seniors in Singapore, including gerontological counselling, day care and case management services, as well as a suite of training programmes for organisations on managing mature employees, and mentoring/coaching courses for seniors.

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