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Building Better Communication For Caregivers

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Caregivers require energy, empathy and patience when communicating with their care recipients.  Misunderstanding and disagreements between them may happen and both sides may face different frustrations.  The care recipients (the elderly and the sick) often feel hopeless, confused, angry and this affect the way they communicate.  Caregivers, on the other hand also have their fair share of similar negative feelings when they are stress and tired. The negative emotional energy between the two cannot facilitate effective communication.


Learning how to communicate effectively is important in the caregiving relationship, as it is the only way caregivers connect with and show love and support to their care recipients.  Poor communication may cause a decline in the quality of their interaction and relationship.


This 2-hour workshop will cover topics such as causes of communication problems from two perspectives; identifying signs, triggers, red flags to communication melt-down and techniques to improve communication. The techniques include active effective listening skills; speaking (words, tone, body language); asking questions and resolving conflicts.


The workshop will also feature brief mentions on how caregivers face challenges when communicating with family members, employers, healthcare professionals, and the techniques on how to help them in this area.

About the Speaker:

As an emotional wellness coach and trainer, Eunice Gan teaches techniques to strengthen our thoughts and emotions, facilitating greater flexibility to combat and bounce back from the negative feelings that often pull us down when we are stressed.


Eunice is a Certified Choice Theory Reality Therapy with The William Glasser Institute USA, and she bases her works on its teachings.  She has conducted a number of emotional resilience and stress management talks to corporates. She is also involved in voluntary work by giving talks to special groups such as caregivers, single parents, and youths. 

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