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Three years have passed since the emergence of COVID-19. These months were fuelled with many uncertainties as we grappled with the pandemic and the many challenges that came with it. Despite this difficult season, I witnessed an emerging and what seemed to be a long-forgotten trait especially evidenced when I was a young girl. I call it the “kampung” spirit.  


When you thought that neighbours and friends would hide behind closed doors because of the virulent nature of COVID, my neighbours and I came out to lend support and encouragement when we could and where it was needed. I am thankful for this community spirit. 


In the same vein, we’re thankful for all our volunteers and donors who’ve shown their unwavering support and generosity so that we can continue to help and impact the lives around us. Over the past 2 years, not only have we battled with COVID-19 along with the restrictions placed in our daily lives, it also included inflation with the rising cost of living and a general increase in taxes.  


Our commitment to support, to strengthen and equip our community recipients remain unchanged in these times. We may go through tough seasons, but these seasons can only allow for a greater forging of opportunities and purpose to strengthen the fabric of our society, Singapore.  


Late last year, we started on a journey to rebrand Cornerstone Community Services, to refresh our look with a new logo to amplify the importance of coming together as a community to support and serve one another.  


This 2023 edition of Grooves with its refreshed look will feature highlights to the mission we desire to fulfil along with other encouraging and impactful reports from 2022. 


Upskilling is the buzz word, and we’ve some amazing articles written by professionals in their respective fields such as educational psychologist, general educators, social worker, emotional wellness coach and a marriage trainer to equip you with relevant improved tools.  


There’s something for everyone be it parents, caregivers, couples, seniors and youth, and we hope you find them insightful and transformative.  


There’s always a demand for our services and I like to invite you to love and serve your community. One such opportunity could change you and when you look back at life you can say – I was at that place where these are some of the most wonderful opportunities life has given me.  


For those who’re new to us, we’ve come a long way since 1996 when we started with this desire and mission, to serve community and change lives. I encourage you to get in touch with us and find out more about how you can be a part.  


My team of staff at Cornerstone Community Services look forward to your partnership and support. Together, we can do more to bring hope and positive transformation to the people around us. 


May God bless and keep you!  

Yours faithfully,

Pastor Daphne Yang

Chairman, Cornerstone Community Services

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Grooves is an annual online publication by Cornerstone Community Services and feature community updates and family life-related articles.

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