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Learning Journey on Ageing in Community


Cornerstone Community Services (CCS) started a new programme “Learning Journey on Ageing in Community” for schools and corporates in November last year. The 1.5 hours programme is held at Cornerstone Senior Centre where participants learn about the ageing landscape, government policies and resources in the community to promote active ageing. The interactive workshop comprises a tour at the senior centre; participation in activities with the seniors such as calligraphy, virtual bowling, board games, badminton; and followed by an engaging workshop on ageing issues and personal reflections led by CCS Executive Director.

Wee Shen Sze, Subject Head Guidance was one of the 15 teachers from Seng Kang Secondary School who joined the programme on 13 November 2022. She was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming and engaging environment that the senior centre has created to promote the well-being of seniors within the vicinity. 

She shared “I like the mission of the organisation to “Gather Grow Go”  where the centre offers a place for the seniors to gather, grow and eventually go to serve their own community.  The different corners in the centre offers different activities - both physical and desk-bound types that cater to different needs and temperaments of the elderly.

Indeed, I sense a spirit of friendship and camaraderie amongst the senior citizens as I interact with them. The senior citizens who came to the centre look confident and friendly, they do not show any tinge of helplessness or hopelessness. They look happy and are engaged with the various activities that the centre has provided for them. I had the opportunity to interact with one of the regular seniors. She shared that the centre is like a second home to her where she is engaged meaningfully as a member and volunteer where she helps to tend the stall within the centre.”

Lew Mi Yih, Executive Director of CCS said “Singapore is facing an ageing population. Being a sandwich generation myself, I do understand the challenges of caring for the young and old. With the varied levels of ageing needs among us, it is essential to know the different community recourses are and available support out there. Services are not limited to the sick or frail. We know that prevention is better than cure.

With the healthier SG mandate, the goal is to effectively engage our seniors and keep them active early. At the same time, we want to equip the participants with an understanding of our national approach towards active ageing and the continuum of care framework and available community resources that they can tap into.

By interacting with our seniors at the centre, we hope to inspire the participants that they can age gracefully with purpose and hope.”

Through this new programme, CCS also hope to shift mindsets toward ageing and to better support seniors not just in homes and workplaces but also in the neighbourhoods. This programme is open to schools and corporates. To find out more, email:

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