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Cornerstone Crafts is a label started in 2019 to promote the spirit of loving and giving through customised crafts handmade by our seniors and volunteers at Cornerstone@ChengSan Active Ageing Centre. 

Our talented senior artisans come from all walks of life and they believe in volunteering and giving their best to help the local community. We are continuously curating and producing crafts with our artisans to offer products with practical and aesthetic appeal. We aim to make our products eco-friendly by using recycled and donated materials

This year, we will be selling bags handmade painstakingly by our seniors. Sales proceeds will be used to fund our welfare and wellness programmes at Cornerstone Community Services. 

Retailing at S$50 each (inclusive of postage), the bags are made of recycled fabrics and materials. Each bag is unique and only comes in exclusive/limited designs & quantities.


Please note that tax deduction does not apply to this purchase.


I did not have any prior handicraft knowledge and only learnt how to sew after joining the centre. It makes me feel enriched that I get to make these bags with my friends here!


– Mdm Pang, 72

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