By Too Lee Soong

New Site for CCS

Cornerstone Community Services’ website has a new look!

As an organization, we must move with the times, embracing digital technology and social trends. In the past, our media was focused on print. However, we now have an active Facebook page, an Instagram and Carousell account for our thrift shop, The Barn. We also have a YouTube channel where we feature videos of our workshops. So, when we decided to revamp our website, it is natural for us to create a site where we could link our usual static information with more dynamic content which currently reside in our social media channels.

One of our key focus was to create a website that was mobile phone friendly. We have also made our website more interactive, colourful and added a homepage for easy access to information. Visitors to our new site can find information readily on our financial assistance schemes, family support, senior outreach and family life educational resources etc. Volunteers and donors can also navigate around easily to get involved in our works to reach out to the community.

In the upcoming pipeline, there will be a section on “Cornerstone Craft” where you can view and purchase the beautiful handicrafts done by our seniors from Cornerstone Senior Centre for fundraising purpose.