Note from the Chairman

2020 was a year filled with unexpected turns of challenging events and uncertainties. It was the year where COVID-19 changed our life drastically, affecting the way we live, study, work and socialise with one another.

It was also a year where we were tested on our resilience and adaptability to navigate through this pandemic. Life wasn’t the same as usual for all of us. Despite this, I’ve some great reports and inspiring articles to share with you.

Firstly, when the “Project Hope” initiative was launched, the staff, volunteers, donors and supporters collaborated to help the underprivileged families who were badly affected by this pandemic.  We were very heartened to see many people responding to give of their resources in time, effort and money to help those in need even though it was a difficult and stressful period for everyone. Secondly, the migrant workers were also not forgotten as our staff and volunteers reached out to them through a wellness programme event conducted last November. Impacted by the outcome of this meaningful bonding session, one of our volunteers has penned his experience and thoughts to share with you.

We are also proud of our seniors from Cornerstone Senior Centre (CSC) who have embraced the use of technology during the circuit breaker period when we started our CSC Live Stream on YouTube and Facebook. The Seniors were engaged, and they kept themselves healthy by participating in our online exercise sessions, and these are available to you as well. You can visit our newly revamped website ( to view the archives of CSC Live Stream episodes and other useful online resources to help you and your family members cope better during this time.

As we enter 2021, the developing COVID-19 situation is still evolving and while keeping current with the latest updates, my team of staff and volunteers at Cornerstone Community Services remain unfazed. They’re focused and remain committed to our mission of transforming and impacting lives. When we think that a situation or thing seems hopeless, be encouraged because there’re no hopeless situations only a hopeless attitude. The choices we make in every circumstance around our life can change. So let’s join our hearts and hands together as a community to help and support one another.

May God bless and keep you and your family safe!


Yours faithfully
Mrs Daphne Yang
Chairman, Cornerstone Community Services