Another year has passed so very quickly, and we are fast approaching Christmas time.

Despite the on-going pandemic which has brought much change and disruptions to all our lives, there is every reason to celebrate this special season. We can give thanks for our continued health, family & friends whom we share memories with, our jobs, studies and the many people or things we value.

Even when this Christmas appears similar like 2020 but different from the previous years, the practice of giving and sharing during this season does not change.

The spirit of giving this Christmas could be special gifts you’ve picked for loved ones, or precious time spent with family and friends but I like to encourage you to go beyond the familiar. Consider a gift to an unfamiliar face, a stranger, someone you may not know.

This extension of generosity will be for a needy family struggling financially, facing mounting demands on their limited resources to meet daily needs. Sometimes it’s showing love, care and compassion to a senior who is living alone and needs a befriender. Youths who are under our mentoring program who may come from dysfunctional family background.

While we make plans to celebrate this Christmas with our family, loved ones and friends, let us not forget those in the community who will benefit from our help, both financially and emotionally. The spirit of giving truly illuminates when it begins from our heart, when we actively participate in a practical way with the desire to impact lives around us.

The CCS team joins me in wishing you a very blessed Christmas and a happy 2022!

Peace and grace to all,

Mrs Daphne Yang
Cornerstone Community Services

Your giving will help to meet the needs of the families, children, seniors and individuals that we help in the community.

$100 helps a family in need 
with their monthly groceries.

$50 helps a primary school student with their monthly school allowance.

$70 helps a secondary school student with their monthly school allowance.

$20 helps a senior 
to benefit from the activity conducted at Cornerstone Senior Centre.

$60 for counselling and case management services to help an individual going through personal crisis.

...‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ –ACTS 20:35


Scan or key in our Unique Entity Number (UEN) S96SS0151G with your mobile banking app from any PayNow participating banks.

Credit Card/Nets QR

Make a donation on the online portal

The National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre has announced that there will be no transaction fees on for another year, from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022. 100% of your donations will go to the charities.


Payable to “Cornerstone Community Services” and mail to our main office.


Finance Department

Cornerstone Community Services

39 Ean Kiam Place S429124

(only for monthly donation)


Download and complete the form. Mail original copy to our main office.


Finance Department

Cornerstone Community Services

39 Ean Kiam Place S429124

Your donation will be a great blessing to many. Cornerstone Community Services will channel  the funds to areas of need as required.