We don't stop laughing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop laughing.

I am a senior

At Cornerstone Community Services, we recognise every senior citizen as a valuable member of our community. You may be a parent, a grandparent or even a great grandparent; nonetheless, you have contributed to the history of our community and our families in so many ways. We understand you may have different needs as you transit to a new phase of your life as a senior, hence we aim to help you age gracefully through our enriching programmes and activities.

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We offer the following programmes and services

Senior Befriending Services

Regular visits are organised by a team of passionate volunteers to befriend and provide a listening ear to the seniors.

Write to us an email if you like to have us visit you or someone you know, or simply to find out how you can contribute to this initiative.

Caregiver Support Programme

The Caregiver Support Programme aims to equip caregiver with techniques and resources on quality care giving, and allow them to connect with other caregivers.

Monthly meetings are organised to provide them with emotional support as they care for their loved ones at home.

Interest Groups

Regular activities are organised to keep you active and build friendships.

Join our Senior Joy Club that meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, 11am at The Barn (11 East Coast Rd #01-14 S428722) to have fun sharing and learning. It is a great opportunity to build new friendships!

Cornerstone Senior Centre

Located at Ang Mo Kio, Cheng San, Cornerstone Senior Centre (CSC) is an integrated wellness centre that promotes the overall well-being of seniors so that they can age-in-place. CSC offers a wide range of programmes and services catered for the seniors with the objective of strengthening their physical, emotional and mental well-being, and fostering strong 3 generational bonds within the community.

Fully equipped with a living room, resource centre, gym, therapy room, multi-purpose room, thrift and snack shop, CSC offers programmes such as exercises, workshops, interest groups, outings; and provides services like senior befriending, home care/help, medical rehabilitation services and more.

Click here for more information. You can email or contact CSC at 69886967/62500383

591A, Ang Mo Kio St 51,
#01-35, Singapore 561591

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FLE Talks & Workshops

The topics covered are informative and educational, and suitable for you and your family members to attend. Click here to find out the upcoming events.

Talks & Workshops

Grandparents are a treasure in the family. With family structures becoming smaller and both parents working, grandparents play a very important role in supporting their adult children in raising their young. Besides providing the extended support system, grandparents also provide their grandchildren with valuable lessons and memories. But is caring for your grandchildren a question of repeating what you did when you raised your children?

Understand the different needs of seniors and struggles that caregivers may experience. Pick up skills on self-care and managing grief and loss. Learn more about the resources and support available in the community. This is highly recommended if you are a caregiver of elderly.

"I do not need a Will since I don’t have much assets"

"What will happen to my money if something happens to me?"

These are some of the questions and presumptions surrounding the making of a will. This talk conducted by experienced lawyers will educate you on what is a will and its importance in the division of your assets. You will also learn about the Lasting Powers of Attorney and how it applies to your situation.


Staying Active After Retirement

Mdm Shirley Low, an active retiree

Ever since Mdm Shirley Low retired from her job in 2014, she started to mend CornerStore, a small snack shop run by Cornerstone Community Services at the Odeon Katong.

Besides making delicious waffles at the shop, Mdm Low also brings cheer to the neighbourhood. She enjoys greeting people who walk past, and interacts with other elderly in the area when they drop by.

“Although they are just passerby, I always smile at them and now, they will always say ‘Hello Auntie!’ when they walk past,” Mdm Low says. “I enjoy getting to know people.”

Initially, Mdm Low had some difficulty in adjusting to working in the shop due to a change in the environment and job scope. She had to learn how to use the iPad in the shop which was required to track the sales and payment transactions.

“I used to be very stressed because I couldn’t remember the price of each item,” Mdm Low recalls.

Through perseverance and patient guidance from her colleagues, Mdm Low learned how to embrace technology and can now manage the shop on her own with confidence.

She hopes to encourage other retirees to step out and help people, or find something meaningful to do that can keep them active. Finding work will also keep them in a community where they can interact with others.

“At least when you come out to do some volunteer work, you feel like your time is not wasted, compared to just staying at home with nothing to do,” she concluded.

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