I am a Student

At Cornerstone Community Services, we recognise the importance of giving children and youth a good head start in life because they form one of the key pillars to a strong and successful community.

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We are a Couple

At Cornerstone Community Services, we believe that marriage is more than just coming together as one. It takes a lot of commitment from both parties to work things out together as husband and wife.

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I am a Parent

At Cornerstone Community Services, we recognise the enormous task and challenges of raising a child well and it is important for the parents to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge.

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I am a Senior

At Cornerstone Community Services, we recognise every senior citizen as a valuable member of our community. You may be a parent, a grandparent or even a great grandparent; nonetheless, you have contributed to the history of our community and our families in so many ways.

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I represent an Organisation

We believe in helping to change lives. If your organisation has a similar vision and want to grow these foundational characters in your team or reach out to our beneficiaries, we can extend our services at a corporate level.

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11 East Coast Rd, The Odeon Katong

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  • Cornerstone Senior Centre

    591A, Ang Mo Kio St 51,
    #01-35, Singapore 561591

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  • Office

    39 Ean Kiam Place, S429124

    Mailing Address:
    11 East Coast Rd, #01-08,
    The Odeon Katong, S428722

    Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
    Sat: 9am-1pm
    (closed on Sundays)

    Tel: 6344 8063 / 6344 7321

  • The Barn

    The Barn is a volunteer-run thrift shop that sells pre-loved goods like clothing, accessories, household appliances and other miscellaneous items. It aims to assist the poor and needy in the community by making consumer goods available to them at an affordable cost. All stocks are donated by members of the public.

    Operating Hours:
    Tue-Sat (11am-5pm)
    Sun (9.30am-1.30pm)

    11 East Coast Rd, #01-14/15
    The Odeon Katong, S428722

  • Cornerstone Senior Centre

    Located at Ang Mo Kio, Cheng San, Cornerstone Senior Centre (CSC) is an integrated wellness centre that promotes the overall well-being of seniors so that they can age-in-place.

    CSC offers a wide range of programmes and services catered for the seniors with the objective of strengthening their physical, emotional and mental well-being, and fostering strong 3 generational bonds within the community.

    Fully equipped with a living room, resource centre, gym, therapy room, multi-purpose room, thrift and snack shop, CSC offers programmes such as exercises, workshops, interest groups, outings; and provides services like senior befriending, home care/help, medical rehabilitation services and more.

    For further details, contact 69886967/62500383 or email

Get In Touch With Us

  • Who We Serve

    We believe that family is core to a strong foundation - to break the cycle of poverty, to bring hope and change, to provide opportunities of a bright future for all – be it for the individual, the family, or the community.

    We choose to serve our community, and by doing so, help their lives transformed for the better. These smallest steps can start a chain reaction, and even just one person to create a positive shift within the community.

  • Our Mission

    We have seen how empowering people to do more can change their lives – it brings hope to families; it brings both health and education to children; and it brings a brighter future to communities.

    Our diverse range of services focus on building and strengthening families within our community. Through our services, we empower families to become the strong pillars of society via financial, social and emotional support. Our goal is to equip each member, from young aspiring couples to well-experienced grandparents, with practical life skills and knowledge.

  • Our History

    Cornerstone Community Services (UENS96SS0151G) is registered under the Charities Act on the 11th of June 1997, and is a full member of the National Council of Social Services since 15th September 2003. We have also been an approved institution of the Institutes of a Public Character (IPCs) since 2003. It is our responsibility to ensure that we are recognised and supported by the Singapore government, and that we stay accountable to our donors and volunteers.

    Our organisation relies heavily on volunteerism and charity support from the public, all of whom believe that our approach can bring about change in our society. We are continually improving our methods, and have seen annual improvements over the last 21 years.